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We are so excited to announce that our spring production is Heathers: The Musical !

Purchase your tickets here!

Tickets are now LIVE for our four performances! 

Tickets are currently sold out for all four shows! There will be an in-person waitlist for each show that is first-come, first-served.

Crew sign ups are officially open! All positions are available, and are open to anyone interested in learning about working backstage.

We are looking for carpenters, painters, and electricians to help put our show together! Please sign up for as many 2-hour slots as you can.

We are looking for run crew to help out during our tech week and shows! If you are interested in costumes, lights, or helping with props and scene changes, please fill out the google form and let us know what you'd like to do! 

No experience is required for any role.

Open Positions for Heathers: The Musical

Sound Designer

We are looking for someone to help design the soundscape for our spring musical. You will be in charge of bringing to life the Director's vision for Heathers by finding sounds for each sound cue and editing them and organizing them into a cue list for the show. Basic knowledge of Q-Lab required.

We are looking for someone to help design the lights for our spring musical. You will be in charge of bringing to life the director's vision for Heathers by working with a rep light plot in the Flexible Theatre in the Schwartz Center. Basic experience with theatrical lighting required.

Lighting Designer

Assistant Stage Manager

We are looking for someone to work alongside our Stage Management team. You will attend rehearsals, write daily reports and send our daily calls, and manage paperwork for Heathers to ensure the production stays organized and on schedule. Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel required.


We are looking for someone to attend rehearsals and performances to take photos and keep a record of each production. Basic knowledge of editing or touching up photos is a plus. You will also be in charge of keeping a gallery of the photos on the website and sharing the photos with members of the production team and the social media managers.

If you are interested in a position, please email Ethan at 

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